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Day 55: Manistique to NaubinwayLate start due to comfortable king size bed. Lost 4 lb at the Gulliver post office! No bathroom at the IGA. Tuna and Lime Cucumber Gatorade for lunch #nuestrosabor More pasties! A frappe is not a milkshake?! First selfie! Spent 45 minutes looking for the water pump. Velveeta makes the creamiest cheesy noodles. Watched the sunset (kind of). Listening to Lake Michigan lap against the shore. #kimikebike

Day 54: Escanaba to ManistiqueFirst pasty (for breakfast)! Incredibly flat riding. Paid $4 for toast and wasn't even mad about it. #trenarytoast Found a nominee for Most Disgusting Bathroom. Still flat. Garden Bay fruit wine tasting. Lake Michigan is really big. Nowhere to camp so plopped down on an indoor king size bed. More (grocery store) pasties and beer for dinner while watching CGI chipmunks on the teevee. #kimikebike #yooperlife

Day 53: Escanaba Escanaba Saw exactly zero ghosts. Breakfast at a proper Swedish restaurant. #lingonberries Snuck in a nap before check-out. Free degreaser from the bike shop. Pizza at the Mongolian grill steakhouse brewpub. Well-roasted beans can still make mediocre coffee. Epic playground #pepperellpark Literally $0.25 to dry a load of laundry. Found beer mecca at the supermarche. Cruised through four Michigan beers including Kalamazoo Stout. I wish we didn't camp so close to this streetlight. #dirttrack #raceday #kimikebike

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