My Beer Could Beat Up Your Beer

A Google video search returns over fifteen million results for the search term “beer” coupled with “review”. Including the thousands of beer review websites committed to the written word and ratings aggregation sites like Ratebeer and Beer Advocate, it’s probably safe to say the world does not need yet another beer drinker espousing the virtues of Pliny the Elder while wearing a goofy hat and sitting in their kitchen. Or do we?

There’s a lot to like about this video. Of particular note is the theme song (complete with fancy CGI intro), the Ron Paul endorsement both via t-shirt and bottlecap magnets on the fridge, and the bathroom hand towel pulling in double duty as a dish rag. Needless to say it’s filled with insightful commentary.

Kind of like a pumpkin ale, but without the pumpkin.

And my personal favorite (in reference to the label),

Gold medal, that’s pretty good.

I had no idea that Buster Bluth was such a connoisseur.


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