Like a Young Man Coming in for a Quickie

If you’re anything unlike me your probably still hung over from your raucous IPA Day celebration. I get it. After all those 90 Minutes, Racer 5s, and Heady Toppers, reading the screen makes your optical orifices ache in a way that gives you a new appreciation for metaphors involving “daggers” and “eyeballs”. So I’ll be brief.

Though possibly difficult to believe, I do have interests that lie outside the realm of malt-based alcoholic beverages. One happens to be a local, but not-so-little-known video gaming blog/comic/industry titan known as Penny Arcade. Just wanted to point out that last Wednesday’s post talked a bit about the beers of Australia (and their propensity to taste foul). Looks like this Down Under badge is going to be more challenging than I thought.

These guys crack me up.

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