It’s Thursday and I Still Don’t Have a Post

Last night I hit up Chuck’s for their Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout unveiling. Yes, they already did this in September but this time there is a badge involved. I strolled in around 8:30 PM and the place was busy, but not exactly shoulder-to-shoulder. BCBS and BCBCS were on tap for $9 per 8 oz. pour. At least I got to keep the glass. Of course they also had the holy trinity of forgotten Goose Island beers (Ogden, Sofie, and IPA) albeit for much more reasonable prices. These beers are only put on tap a Chuck’s when BCBS is in town and nobody gives a shit because bourbon + beer. Someday I’ll get around to trying them out.

Single bottles of BCBS were on sale but I have no idea for much since they were sold out by the time I got there. Also sold out? Perennial Abraxas. I should just start a post series about all of the beers I miss. It would probably generate a lot more content than posts about the ones I land.

I also tried a half-pint of Dogfish Head Olde School. It’s a barleywine that I was surprisingly unfamiliar with considering it was first released in 2002. I wanted to like it. Really, I wanted to love it. But my mouth was still reeling from the hot business that is BCBS. The Olde School just tasted like a lifeless malty mess. Meh, tickers gon’ tick.

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