We’re either releasing beers or popping mollys… and I’m all out of mollys.

Waiting in line for brunch is acceptable. It’s a social occasion whereby the brunch party (be you two or ten) can socialize and wait in eager anticipation of omelets or johnnycakes or what have you. Waiting for beer? Fuck that.

Which is why you might find it odd that I would attend a beer release party. These types of events are typically designed to maximize line waiting. It is the sole reason for their existence. Longer lines mean more publicity, ergo your time is worthless. Fremont Brewing doesn’t swing that way. They value the precious few moments their customers have on this sapphire planet and conduct their beer releases with the utmost civility.

Last night I attended the 77 Fremont Select release party. This was once a spring seasonal but it’s only December, so here we are. 77 Fremont Select is a session IPA and that’s about all I can tell you about it. The head brewer spent a few moments chatting about it over the loudspeaker, but I was only half paying attention and didn’t catch much of it. Something about calypso hops?

Ironically, I didn’t even have any of the straight 77, but instead indulged in three of the five infusions they had on tap. My favorite was one infused with gin botanicals. Not sure exactly what was in it, but the juniper was strong with this one and I found it an interesting twist that twirled my jimmies in a knot.

However, the real reason I dragged my entire familial unit down there on a Monday night was because I just had to get me another taste of the Coffee Cinnamon Bourbon Abominable Ale (CCB-Bomb, for short). I first had this on nitro at Chuck’s at the start of the month and it has haunted my dreams ever since. Perhaps I was wrong in thinking $17 per bottle was a silly asking price (Oh, that $26 bottle of Mother of All Storms? Pay no attention to it.) but I passed on the bomber and have regretted it ever since. It’s still very good. And if I saw a bottle now I’d get two just for giggles. I could go on about how the cinnamon and coffee combine in an intricate dance of sweet and roasty heaven, but DDB hits most of the high notes.

I am very excited to work with these guys.

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