Three Magnets Brewing Co. Deep Fried Cheese Curds. The More You Know.


Ugh, I can’t believe I burned my ICP “magnets” post title before this place opened up. Anywho, being a new-ish dad I much appreciated this family friendly spot in Olympia, especially since a certain sea-themed brewery staunchly refuses to allow anyone from the U21 league to have dinner.

There’s a 15 BBL brewhouse sandwiched between the bar proper and the service station for the family friendly portion of the pub. They crammed a lot of stuff in small space, but at first blush it appears laid out well and I particularly appreciate the quarry tile floor. I picked up a sampler, of course, and while I neglected to try the IPA (making this “review” useless to most of my readers) I was enamored with both Just BEET It! (a pale ale that tasted like beets!) and Major Tompkins Oatmeal Imperial Stout. Whew, that was a long sentence.


The food was edible. Ordered the crackling, which was waaay bigger and puffier than I expected. I opted for the plain ol’ salt ‘n’ pepper seasoning and will probably choose differently if I were to try them again. The deep fried cheese curds should be categorized as a Schedule I controlled substance. My entree was the Lamburger (not a typo) and it satisfied like only a leg of lamb can.


I’m a little confused by all of the “This is a soft launch” signs dotting the landscape. According to Facebook the doors opened in mid-November. So while I will reserve my highest rating until after I’ve visited a few more times, I give this place eleven thumbs up. Check it out. Bring your kids. Srsly, eat some cheese curds.

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