Stouts Come from the Stout Factory

Stolen photo.

I found myself in Ocean Park last week during a torrential downpour, which isn’t all that exciting in and of itself, however its proximity to Astoria really made my day as we were able to stop at the fabled Fort George Brewery on our way back to Seattle.

Fort George makes a big to-do about stouts in February so we were in luck when the Mash Tun Clan showed up and found eight derivations of Cavatica on tap. As if this weren’t enough, FG has even turned the sampler flight into a bit of a game. They give you the eight stouts unlabeled and you try to identify them based on their descriptions. We got the four obvious ones (e.g., bourbon barrel, coffee infused, etc.) out of eight correct. At first I was a little disappointed that we didn’t do better until I overheard the gents at the next table. A pair of card-carrying beer nerds were lamenting to their server that they only correctly identified one out of eight samples. Mrs. Mash Tun and I have never been prouder.


The food was top-notch as well. The pub makes its own sausage which was delish enough, but I was really jealous of Mrs. Mash Tun’s chile verde burrito. It tasted like rainbows and warm sunshine. The only part of the trip I regret was neglecting to do any Goonies tourism. Apparently it’s kind of a big deal.


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