Literal Pub Crawling


I’m just now starting to feel normal after two and half weeks of boogers the color of buttercups.  As a consequence, I haven’t really been drinking much (or writing much, or anything much) and thus have little to report.

I did amble over to The Bergschrund for the monthly NoSH Club meeting last Wednesday. I brought my Pale Fail which is essentially a pale ale gone horribly wrong. It has a distinct fruity overtone that I can only attribute to a discordant fermentation procedure, but it’s palatable and so I was able to avoid showing up empty-handed two months running.

The Bergschrund is owned by the good folks that bring you NW Peaks beers. But it’s not officially tied to the brewery in any way since that would break an untold number of three-tier distribution laws. Sure, twelve of the thirteen taps carry NW Peaks beer, but you can interpret that how you will.

They’ve cleaned the place up nice. It’s in the building formerly known as The 2-Bit Saloon. I had never graced the 2 Bit with my presence, but word on the street is it was fucking gross. The Bergschrund is not fucking gross. I got my hands on a winter warmer and a black berliner weisse, both of which were more than adequate. If I must choose, I’d say I fancied the berliner weisse slightly more. I saw both dogs and children in the place so you know for damn sure you’re in Ballard.

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