Hi! We’re in… Idaho

Just a quick update for those of you playing along at home. After 20 days of  grueling travel over railroad-grade bike paths and along beautiful river banks, we have finally escaped the clutches of Washington state, never to return (until October, of course). We are currently staying at a hotel in Idaho’s panhandle soaking in the 90-degree heat for some much needed rest and recuperation. I’ve never been so happy in a chain hotel.

We are using today to regroup and figure out what the next leg of this trip looks like. With all the commotion going on with the house, we haven’t really thought much past the first map of the Northern Tier route. In addition to some paperwork, we have a series of chores and errands to run which we have been neglecting due to the rigors of travel. The most exciting aspect of this break (besides all of the dining out!) will be mailing a fair bit of gear back home. For the curious, here are some things it turns out we did NOT need.

  • Clothing
    Even though we tried to be as minimal as possible with our clothing choices, it turns out there are still some extra articles that have not been used. Just goes to show that no matter how much you bring, it is probably too much.
  • Extra Fuel Bottle
    Day 20 and we haven’t yet burned through our first of two fuel bottles for the camping stove. Turns out you don’t need to cook for every single meal.
  • Hammock
    I struggled mightily with this one. We used it for the first time on this trip just two nights ago. And while it was glorious (and Mini Mash Tun got a kick out of it) it is simply not conducive to life on the road. It is rare that we are camped in a spot with the proper supports to use it, and even rarer that on those days we have the energy or desire to set up, let alone the luxury of just laying in it for a bit. We are sad to see it go, but I look forward to setting it up semi-permanently once our trip is done.
  • Large pot
    We have three pots (1-, 2-, and 3-liter). We use the two smaller ones almost daily. The largest one, for the most part, has just been used as a vessel to store the other two. We did use it recently to cook an unruly amount pasta, but after further discussion we decided we could simply cook two smaller batches in the future.

I have now been sitting in front of a computer for an hour and it is time to extricate myself before I get sucked into some kind of Wikipedia rabbit-hole.

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