The One About Portland

Oh yeah, we’re in Portland now. The other one. Things have settled down just enough that I’ve maybe entertained the idea of possibly starting to post some more stuff. Perhaps. On the other hand, how can anyone think with all this deregulation about? Have you had a NEIPA yet? It is the beer equivalent of your kids music. I suppose I’m just too “square” to “get it”. (You should be envisioning air quotes as you read that.)

We’re adjusting admirably to life off the road and every week that goes by, the Great East Coast Migration of 2016 seems more and more like some fever dream rather than an experience we lived through IRL. I still think about it daily, but the chronology and factual details are starting to twist and meld and fade.

I am still gainfully employed in the brewing industry, thank Lob, though I am no longer helming the brew deck, which is fine with me.  I actually enjoy cellar work, and I’m not just saying that. It’s an opportunity to be master of your own domain whereas a brew shift can often feel like a perpetually late bus route (no matter how many delays you encounter, the ride must go on until it’s finished).

I’ve had a chance to try some of the local flora. Foundation is mostly excellent. Liquid Riot is doing wonderful things with a coconut porter that rivals Maui. Novare Res feels like a Seattle transplant, (in a good way). I’m also homebrewing more than I have since Mini Mash Tun was born. I work with a small team to produce a wide variety of ales based largely on what tickles our collective fancy. It is truly the most fun I’ve had brewing in a long time. I think this could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

Keep it gutter. Keep it grimey. One.

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