Pics or It Didn’t Happen

So I’m pretty excited about the response I received for my scottish ale. Oh, did I not tell you about that one?

It came out rather close to what I was aiming for and I was very pleased with the results. Particularly since it was my first time using our pilot system and I was flying solo for the day. The customer response was quite positive and I even got a nod from some misguided masochist who bothered to create an entry on BA (though the joke’s on him since there isn’t a lick of smoked or peated malt in the recipe, but I digress).

It seems I’ve earned the confidence of my peers because they let me run loose on the pilot deck again (see previous post) and even a third time last week. The aforementioned mild ended up, well, rather mild. It is lighter in color and body and aroma and just about everything else than I anticipated (except ABV which clocked in at an impressive 4%). It was pleasant and certainly crushable, but I am really looking forward to the cask version that is secreted away in our underground fermentarium.

Last week I brewed a brown ale, roughly in the southern English style, that magically earned a power-up of 3.5° P after milling the grain twice. For the non-beer nerds out there, that easily bumps my ABV up by 2% and plants us squarely in the mythical “(roughly southern English) imperial brown ale” category. I’m thinking of proposing it to the BJCP.

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