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This is ostensibly a(nother) blog about beer, but after we hijacked it for the Great East Coast Migration of 2016, it feels like more than that. Sure, the content will definitely lean “beer heavy” but I hope to at least maintain a bit of perspective.

In lieu of an actual post I’ll stuff you with some recommendations. If you are looking for hard beer reads I highly recommend Jeff Alworth’s Beervana. He’s based out of the other Portland but tackles most contemporary beer topics thoughtfully and with an aplomb I couldn’t even fake.

It took me a while to really get into Ron Pattinson’s Shut Up about Barclay Perkins but now I’m enthralled with it. It is the height of beer geekery and Ron’s posts are often informative, sometimes speculative, and always… um, candid?

Finally, if you have any need for some levity in the sometimes-too-serious world of beer criticism, I can’t recommend Don’t Drink Beer highly enough. Granted, many of the jokes require you to be an American approximately in your mid-30s, an avid hip-hop listener, and player of more video games than you care to admit in order to get the numerous references, but it’s comedy gold for those in the sweet spot.

I’ll see you soon.

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