Mondays Are for Pilots

As an avid craft beer connoisseur, keeping warm this winter with your stock ales and BA barleywines, you may not be aware that this is actually the time of year where the unwashed masses actually drink less beer than normal. Like, significantly less. That means most breweries are making less beer and THAT means I have more time for pilots!

At RT we are bringing back Pilot Mondays with a fresh batch of employee-inspired half-barrel batches brewed on our glorified homebrew system here in house. Bitter-ish mild ale based on a late-nineteenth century recipe? Check. Blackberry porter? Why not? Maple bourbon vanilla session stout? I thought you’d never ask.

We’ve got a few more in the pipeline and hope to keep the gravy train rolling until the production staff gets too busy to keep up the pace. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

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